My power supply fan isn’t moving. Can I replace it?
You can if you have experience working with a soldering iron, but we advise against it because the fan may not even be the source of the problem. It’s also dangerous. You can easily replace the entire PSU for very little money. The best thing would be to visit a computer shop.

Our computer’s power supply has failed. What type should I get?
You’ll probably find your power supply is a standard ATX power supply with a single 20-pin connector to the motherboard. You should replace it with one of equal or greater wattage. Spending more on a power supply with greater wattage will not improve performance, just allow you to run more devices.

What exactly is Spyware?
The loose definition of Spyware is any program that monitors your computing behavior and reports back to a “home base.” The purpose of this is usually to serve you ads. As a result, Spyware often breaks your system because it attempts to change system settings, such as your browser homepage.